How to brand your photography business the right way

Do you think branding is just an overwhelming mingle of memorable logos, witty tag lines, dashing fonts or punchy color palettes?

Pause for a minute and think about your favorite brand. What is it that you love about it? I bet it’s none of these things…

Savvy marketers think and project branding as a special connection and a genuine experience.

Your photography branding should, therefore, be all about the feelings you instill your clients. From the first encounter with your work, to that special moment when they are looking, mesmerized, at a gorgeous album or prints  of their photographs – your work wrapped around their special moments.

A well-thought brand that portrays your style will make the right clients tick and connect with you and your business instantly. It’s the only thing, aside from hard work and dedication, that will help you gain a foothold in your market.

Don’t let it be an afterthought. And don’t go for generic either. Make something unique, that will reflect you and your personality.

In today’s post, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts on how to achieve just that.

Branding your photography business

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The photographer’s guide to email marketing

The photographer's guide to email marketing

Email marketing is the only channel that lets you communicate with your clients in a private environment, their inbox.

With so many distractions available on the web, sending your messages straight to the target can be a powerful instrument. Why try multiple marketing tactics and fail at all of them instead of focusing on just one, the email marketing?

It basically allows you to address a targeted audience, who consented to receive your updates, in a very personal and personalized manner.

Email marketing also increases your chances of getting more clients, not to mention that it can be surprisingly cheap and effective.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy or a newbie, when it comes to reaching your audience via email, it shouldn’t be difficult to succeed. Let’s have a look together at what can you do, as a photographer, to successfully grow your business through email marketing.

The essentials of building an email list

Before anything else, I’d like to draw a clear line: email marketing should refer exclusively to reaching out to clients who opted to receive your messages. Sending unsolicited emails, as much […]

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Five great tips for marketing your fall mini sessions

Fall mini sessions marketing

Mini sessions offer your clients a more affordable opportunity to enjoy your work.

They also help you get more referrals from them and, perhaps, even full session bookings.

Nevertheless, despite the “mini” in their title, they don’t necessarily require fewer efforts on your side, especially when it comes to promoting your services and attracting the right clients.

Since fall mini sessions happen to be the start of the most busy season for a lot of photographers, one cannot ignore the importance of planning and making the most of it .

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be very complicated.

With the following tips for marketing your fall mini sessions, chances are you’ll be able to plan things out much easier.

After all, it really is a matter of doing your homework and deciding, in advance:

What exactly do you bring to the table?

Who should rush in and take advantage of it?

When would it be the best time to make it happen?

Where will you do your magic?

What motivation should you put a […]

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7 clever strategies for marketing photography on a budget

Photography marketing online

Most people think it’s a dream come true to be a professional photographer.

And it is, but it’s also costly.

From all the equipment we have to buy to all that software we work with, it’s a tough business. Oh, and let’s not forget the props that need to be purchased and the locations we have to rent.

But we didn’t even get to the marketing part.

Who would want to invest that much in a business only to realize, afterward, that they lack exposure?

Having a marketing budget in place to promote your photography services is a must.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to bring you to bankruptcy.

So how about you take advantage of this digital world we live in?

Embrace the internet as the perfect environment for sending out your messages.

The variety of low-cost strategies that increase your visibility and work for you in the long run, starting from this virtual world, is absolutely mind-bending.

And that’s what this blog post is about: a marketing-for-smaller-budgets roundup that you can turn into a cost-effective, long-term photography marketing online strategy. Not all […]

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How To Get New Referrals – Reaping The Low-Hanging Fruit Of Photography Mini Sessions

How to get referrals from mini sessions

Most people are super-excited about collecting precious photographic memories, but not everybody is ready to make the investment for a full session straight away.

Luckily, you can offer them photography mini sessions, which are more affordable and potentially just as satisfying for them. While your customers are happy with your offer, you get the chance of making yourself known, appreciated and, most importantly, trusted.

This is the low-cost entry point that should bring potential customers close to booking your full services in the near future.

Still, chances are you’re not nearly as happy as your clients about this option. You’ve noticed that despite your hard work and lower prices, not everyone returns to book a full session after that first mini session.

You were hoping at least to getting more referrals so you ask yourself what the point is in spending time on these projects instead of doing the sessions that you love, and that you want to be known for as a photographer.

Here’s your answer: with the right system in place and a bit of courage, you can get new referrals from these mini sessions quite […]

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7 Habits Of Top-Performing Photographers You Should Adopt

Photography workflow tips

You work hard as a photographer, you put passion in everything you do, and your photo sessions are flawless. Even your new clients are absolutely thrilled with how you handle their first order.

But that second order doesn’t follow up as often as you would expect.

What’s going on?

Most photographers, despite their solid experience and an already existing pool of clients, do not always have a full agenda.

If crickets sometimes chirp on your side of business, maybe you could use a shift of perspective.

Adopt these 7 habits of top-performing photographers, adjust the way you interact with your new clients a little, and soon enough, you might find yourself swamped with bookings.

Here’s how to take your photography business to the next level:

1. Raise your prices with confidence

How on earth are you going to get new clients for your photography sessions by charging more, you wonder? It’s pure psychology: people who want the best will always suspect the lowest prices – “You get what you pay” they say. Professionals know it well and that is why they always raise the stakes. If you’re confident with the quality of […]

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3 Questions that will help you get photography clients through testimonials

Testimonials marketing photography

I’m a firm believer in testimonials; when done right, they are a pretty powerful business tool.

Nowadays, you can’t browse a company website or blogger’s about page without seeing positive reviews surrounded by quotation marks somewhere.

Why is everybody doing this? Because it works. There is something about hearing other people’s experience that triggers a certain trust in us, a believe that this product or service is worth buying.

A positive testimonial is more powerful than any marketing tactic can ever be.

This is why I consider testimonials the very first step in increasing your perceived value, and therefore increasing your prices and getting more clients. It’s that powerful.

As a photographer, you have the advantage of making deep personal connections during your work. People probably already gave you great feedback, the only thing you have to do now is ask them for a testimonial and get their permission to publish their feedback.

While this may sound easy, some people may find it difficult to bluntly ask their past clients to write a testimonial for them. It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through, and perhaps even a selfish act. In this blog post, I’m offering you a […]

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