Photography Form Templates Bundle “Simply Chic”

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Photography Form Templates Bundle “Simply Chic”

Use this bundle of 4 photography forms to leave a professional impression on your clients while collecting information, listing prices, invoicing or selling prints. The bundle includes:

– One booking form template for signing new clients, collecting their information and taking note of their special wishes for photo sessions
– One invoice template with room for your services and the total price due, as well as informing your clients about your payment information
– One pricing guide for listing your current prices for both packages and a la carte services
– One print order form to collect photography print orders after your clients chose from your gallery

This bundle of photography forms features a lovely modern chic style and is fully editable – everything you see can be clicked, moved, and typed in by using Photoshop. You can also save it as a PDF after customizing it with your information to easily write or type on later.

The text and colors of all photography forms are easily adjustable, this is particularly useful if you’re looking to have the booking forms match your brand colors.

A little ribbon instead of the heart icon is included in all template as well for those who are not going for a romantic theme.

If you’d like your own logo to appear on the forms, you can remove the little heart line and ‘your name photography’ part and drag your own logo in the templates.

A list of free fonts used in the templates is included in your package.

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