Senior Magazine Template “Rose Diamond”

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Senior Magazine Template “Rose Diamond”

Inform this year’s senior graduates about what they can expect when booking a senior photo session with you as a photographer, give them a glimpse behind the scenes, publish your prices and help them prepare for the day of the shoot… all in one magazine! This letter size magazine covers everything you’d like your clients to know about your photography business and the process of doing a senior photography session while showcasing your best shots to inspire them.

You can use all 12 pages or mix and match to your liking. All the headers you see are editable, so you can create your own pages and subjects.

Great to take to your printer and have them print a paper magazine, or to save as a pdf file and send to your clients or post on your blog.

Please note you need Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to edit this magazine.

All the text, colors and elements you see are fully editable. Easily change the colors to your brand colors and edit the quotes, article text and elements. Profesionally written text is included in the template.

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