7 tips for perfecting your Valentine photo sessions

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What a perfect day to celebrate love and affection Valentine's Day is... Families with adorable babies, couples madly in love or passionate women looking for boudoir shoots, all these people will want to seize their moment of magic and love. [...]

Time saving tips for photographers

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When you’re running your own business, especially on such a seasonal niche as photography can be, your schedule can get hectic at times. But spending so many hours behind the camera and the computer, editing photographs, organizing tasks, handling SEO [...]

Five great tips for marketing your fall mini sessions

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Mini sessions offer your clients a more affordable opportunity to enjoy your work. They also help you get more referrals from them and, perhaps, even full session bookings. Nevertheless, despite the “mini” in their title, they don’t necessarily require fewer [...]

11 tips for your cake smash photo sessions

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Yet another time of reflection and amazement for the miracle they brought into this world, a baby’s first anniversary is such a wonderful and emotional time for the young parents. Can you think of a better way to seize the [...]

9 Instagram marketing tips for photographers

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Instagram has over 400 million active users. With more than 60% of them logging in on a daily basis and sharing around 80 million photos a day, it can only mean one thing: There’s a great potential to reach a [...]

The beginner’s guide to pricing your photography

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Pricing can be a complicated decision in any field. But photography is an even tougher business. You work with sophisticated, expensive technical equipment. You also put in a lot of hard work, devotion and passion. Even when you barely feel [...]