How to change text and add photos to your Photoshop Template

Did you download a Photography template and not sure how to edit the text to add your session info, business name or photography pricing packages to it? In this quick tutorial you’ll find out how exactly to customize your Photoshop template with your own text and photography.

Editing the text of a template

Example template

The ‘move tool’

Move toolWhen opening any template in Photoshop, you can click on all the elements you see to select them with the ‘move’ tool (shown here on the left). You simply click on this tool – it’s the very first icon in the vertical row of tools on the left of your screen – and then click anywhere in the template. This will ‘select’ the element so you can work with it.

The layer window

Photoshop Layer WindowAll the elements in a template are stacked on top of each other through ‘layers’. The layer window, as shown on the right, shows you all the layers in your template. When you click an element inside the template itself, you will see your selected layer will get […]

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