Photography SEO tips for 2017: 17 things that will help your photography business get found this year

Photography SEO tips for 2017



Most people will look for a photographer in their area. Usually, after asking for a referral from friends or family, if they can’t find one, they go online, typing in something like “(Subject) Photographer (Area)”.

Do you really think they will make it to the second or third page?

Whoever floats at the top of these search results, will have a very high chance of booking that potential client. That’s why, as photographers, we feel the importance of being found on top of the search results all the time.

How well did you do in 2016? Were you featured right there at the top or buried down on a search results page that nobody ever takes the time to click through to?

If you want to improve in this direction, you’ll have to remember that search engines evaluate your website constantly. So you will need to work on optimizing your website just the same.

Moreover, the way search engines like Google rank their search results is constantly changing and trends can be noticed throughout the years.

In this article, I’m […]

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12 things your photography website should have to be successful

Photography website tips

Your photography website is like an art gallery.

You want to emphasize your work and give your visitors the freedom to admire it, analyze it, and convince themselves that they want to take your work home with them.

At the end of the visit, when they want to reach out or directly book your services, you are there to help.

So think of it as a point of contact with first-time visitors, loyal fans, previous and soon-to-be customers. You want to prep and expose a little bit for everyone.

By building an amazing online presence, you are offering your visitors a flawless experience.

And that’s the best way to connect.

Below, I’ve compiled a thorough list of photography website tips with all the right ingredients that make your website truly successful. From what and how you communicate to how you design this communication channel, there’s a little bit of everything you need.


Statistics show that visitors will only take a few seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or leave it. It can’t be the content […]

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