7 tips for perfecting your Valentine photo sessions

What a perfect day to celebrate love and affection Valentine’s Day is…

Families with adorable babies, couples madly in love or passionate women looking for boudoir shoots, all these people will want to seize their moment of magic and love.

But as they reach out for your photography services, chances are your clients will prefer to book a mini-session instead of a full session. And the more different clients you’re working with on one day, the more challenging it will be.

This year, are you ready to make the best of your Valentine’s day photography offers? Did you do your math and plan out how you’re going to proceed? What are you going to do in order to work effectively, take in more clients, and make them perfectly happy with your services while avoiding you being burned out?

In my experience, there are 7 essential things you need to cover to safe pass an important day such as Valentine’s day.

Valentine Mini Sessions Tips

Think in numbers

You’re probably thinking in hearts, hugs, kisses and rainbows, and I can’t blame you. That’s what you’re going to see […]

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Photography time saving tips for 2017

Photography Time Saving Tips

When you’re running your own business, especially on such a seasonal niche as photography can be, your schedule can get hectic at times.

But spending so many hours behind the camera and the computer, editing photographs, organizing tasks, handling SEO and social media, doesn’t necessarily mean your business is flourishing.

It could also be that some things are taking you too much time, draining your energy and making you less efficient.

Whether at the end of the day everything is planned ahead or you’re frustrated because of an even longer to-do list, it all depends on how you use your time.

That’s why I’d like to share with you some of the most effective photography time-saving tips that will help you get a fresh and productive start in 2017. Below are my favorite tips and tricks, so enjoy!

Handle activities in bulk

Many of your frequent tasks are repetitive. For instance, you might have to write and send up to four emails a month, publish up to four blog posts a month, post up to 10 messages a week on a particular social […]

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11 tips for your cake smash photo sessions

Cake smash photo sessions tips


Yet another time of reflection and amazement for the miracle they brought into this world, a baby’s first anniversary is such a wonderful and emotional time for the young parents.

Can you think of a better way to seize the moment other than a cake smash photography session?

Raving fans of such services, parents are also very demanding – it’s their precious baby you’re photographing and there should be no room for mistakes.

But the chubby, adorable 1-year old little persons are no ordinary shooting subject. Here’s what you can do to make their cake smash photography sessions a… smashing success:

Focus on the timing

Parents could ask you to photograph the baby right at the anniversary, something you should always avoid!

  • On the one hand, you could end up having an agitated or tired baby, stressed out by all the persons roaming around.
  • On the other hand, the more persons are at the filming scene, the higher the chances that something will go wrong.

You want tranquility, an energetic, happy baby, and a lot of space for […]

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The beginner’s guide to pricing your photography

Photography pricing guide

Pricing can be a complicated decision in any field.

But photography is an even tougher business.

You work with sophisticated, expensive technical equipment. You also put in a lot of hard work, devotion and passion.

Even when you barely feel how time flies, at the end of the day, you still work for money.

And it’s the money that keeps you in business.

That’s why you probably often find yourself consumed by the actual need of raising your prices and the fear that you might scare customers away.

If you’re wondering how much to charge and how to find the right price for both you and your clients, this guide to photography pricing for beginners should clear things out a little bit.

The essential steps of setting a pricing strategy

People will always need to preserve memories and you’re there to help them take those stories further. You communicate important life events and decorate their homes and offices with your work.

How much is it worth building these priceless memories?

Putting a price tag on such a contribution is simpler than it looks. […]

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What to wear guide: 8 client wardrobe tips for your next photo shoot

What to wear guide wardrobe tips photo shoot

Planning a successful photo shoot can be very demanding.

From the selected location and the surrounding decors to your equipment and how your subjects look and feel, you can never be too careful.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing that will stress out your clients more than… their wardrobe.

How people dress directly affects how they feel and how they pose.

Whether they are not comfortable with their clothes, they are not convinced that they look good, or they are not appropriately dressed, sweating or shivering, all these will affect the entire shooting, as well as the end product.

But as you already know, the best photographers always help their customers in every way they can.

From general, practical advice on things to do and things to avoid to personal counseling on what would look best on them, sharing your knowledge will be highly appreciated.

The following information should help you round up your client wardrobe counseling strategy. It will help you create a comprehensive what to wear guide you can send them to prepare for a shoot with you.

So read on, for more tips on how to ease your clients’ worries and help them feel comfortable with you:

1. […]

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