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9 useful tips on how to market your photography using Instagram

Instagram photography marketing

Instagram has over 400 million active users. With more than 60% of them logging in on a daily basis and sharing around 80 million photos a day, it can only mean one thing:

There’s a great potential to reach a large audience on this visual platform.

So stand out through your eye-catching, beautiful photography, showcase your professionalism, and there’s probably little that could stop these people from loving your photographs as well…

It’s true, a significant percentage of these users are females under the age of 35. But a savvy marketer would quickly realize what a perfect opportunity this would be to present them photography services.

So are you wondering how to put together a smart strategy for building an active community that:

  • Reacts to your photographs;
  • Initiates dialogues by commenting your posts;
  • Increases your visibility by sharing your photos with their friends;
  • And grows your clients’ list by referring your services directly, telling their followers how much they love your work?

Today’s post is precisely about that: a selection […]

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